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Struggling to feed my brother and sister in Mexico, my Father was committed to pursue his American Dream. Leaving his family behind, my Father headed to "El Norte," with little-to-no money, just hopes and dreams for a better future for his family. After entering the States, my Father became one of many, neglected, illegal immigrants, who were forced to work the fields treacherous conditions, and even sometimes denied pay. After seasons of bloody hands and aching feet, my Father managed to save up enough money to bring my Mom, brother, and sister into the States. Today whenever my father and I drive by some fields, i sit in awe as I listen to my father's stories, thankful for his courage and commitment. Being the son of a migrant field worker, my father always pushed education towards me. I am currently working on getting my Associates of Science in Animation at Rio Hondo College in 2017. I plan on transferring over to Cal State Fullerton, to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation. I believe I am a good potential investment because my commitment to obtain my BFA in Animation, is just as strong as my fathers commitment to finding us better opportunities.

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