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Both my parents grew up on small farms in their respective homelands, Guatemala and Colombia. They moved to the United States when the were in their twenties to make a better life for themselves and their future children. They took their knowledge of harvesting from the earth and tried to make it in this country. They have always worked hard to give me and my three sisters a good live, I never had to go without. Everything they did was for us and I want to be able to pay them back for all the scarifies they have made. I am attending the University of Central Florida to pursue a degree in Mathematics to become a math teacher. I want to instill the love of math that my past teachers instilled in me onto future generations. I dream of earning my PHD in Mathematics in the future to hopefully become a college professor later in life. My ultimate goal in life though is to one day buy a beautiful home for my parents, the one that my mom has been dreaming of since I was little. Everything I do in life is to make that dream into reality.

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