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I was born and raised in Fresno, CA. Growing up, my parent separated when I was 5 years old. My mother left me and my four other siblings with my father and grandmother. My father became a workaholic to support us and my grandmother was an opium-addicted, but she still manages to become a mother figure for us. While my father works, my grandmother would always wake up before dawn to cook breakfast for us before she leaves to go work in the fields, planting, and harvesting vegetables and fruits. Sometimes she would bring some home so we could have some foods to eat. Growing up with an absent mother, I have to learn things the hard ways and have little childhood memories. While other children are outside playing, I was doing chores and helping my grandmother. Since my father and grandmother has little educational background, they encouraged us to go to school every day and to pursue a higher education so we won't have to work so hard like them. My father told me that education, diploma, and a degree is a key to a better life, without it I would face many hardships like him and my grandmother. This encourages me to strive higher and stronger in education and in life. I became the first family members to attend college. I am currently attending California State University of Fresno, majoring in Community Health Science. I will be graduating in a year with a Bachelor Degree in Health Science. After graduating, I am planning to pursue my career in the medical field and helping the community to become a healthier place. With my knowledge from educational courses and personal life experiences, I can help give back to the community and educated them about healthier lifestyle and choices.

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