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My farm-work background stared as a little girl in the summer of 2001 in the hot sun of Los Fresno's, California. I was about seven years old and i remember helping my mother pick grapes, I was lucky enough to just sit by her shadows hiding from the sun but i do remember seeing my father get blister from the hot sun in his feet. My two older brother got to experienced picking up grapes first hand, remember them like it was yesterday everyday after they would come back from the fields there faces would always be burning red from the sunburn of being in the sun all day. i was amazed by how many families would be up early working all morning picking up grapes till the sun will come down. It was then that i realized how hard my parents worked to give us a better future and at the age of just seven years old i knew i had to take advantage of their hard work. At the age of seven years old it was hard to figure out how to take advantage of my parents hard work but i came to a conclusion that getting an education was the best choice on helping them and thanking them for all their hard work. School became a priory for me, graduating high school was just the beginning of my goal but just by graduating high school my parents were just so thankful and proud of me since both of them never got to graduate high school. As a college student i know see myself closer to my education goals as i obtain my certificate of phlebotomy this December and hopefully finish my associate in nursing the fall semester of 2017. My goal is to obtain my Bachelor in Nursing at the UT-health University in San Antonio and become a scrub nurse at the University Health System Hospital in San Antonio. i would be so grateful for any help i could receive from La Raza organization.

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