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Hello, my name is Jaclyn Valladares and my family has been working in the fields since before I was even born. My grandparents left Mexico when they were very young in order to start a family and find work. Although they found a home in South Texas, they began migrating to various states around the US every summer to find this work. After many years, they eventually found work in Michigan, where both my grandparents would pick crops in order to provide for their twelve children. My mother being one of them, began working until she graduated high school and was able to get a job that didn't require her to leave Texas. Many of my uncles and aunts went off to college and started with their own careers as well. However, many (including my grandmother) still migrate to Michigan to this day. Ever since I can remember I spent every summer of my childhood with my grandmother in Michigan. I was not old enough to actually work in the fields, but I often helped her cook and sell food to the people living the the same camp or area as us. I also attended a migrant program for children who can go to summer school while their family was working. At one point in my life, my father was not financially stable and decided to join the migrant life as well. I am currently enrolled as a college student at St. Edwards University who offered me the CAMP (College Assistant Migrant Program) scholarship. With this scholarship I hope to graduate with a Psychology degree and help people either as a therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist. My future is still quite unclear, for I just started college and might change my mind about careers. However, I do know for a fact that I want to help people in one way or another. I also plan to join my family and work in the fields to save money so that I can further my education and go to graduate school. I strongly believe that people who come from migrant or farm worker backgrounds are very grateful for what they have and do not take things for granted. Therefore, I think every one of them who is signed up for this organization is a good potential investment. Although I do hope I will be considered, for I will most defiantly make good use of the funds.

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