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Since I was about two years of age, my family and I have been heavily involved in farm work. At only 5 years of age, I would help out my family pick fruit at various orchards. We would pick strawberries, cherries, pears, and apples from different orchards. My family and I would get up at 3:00 AM each day to prepare our meals for our work day. We would head to work at about 4:00 AM each day. And we wouldn’t come home from work till sun down. We traveled as seasonal farm workers from California to Washington for many years. As I grew older, my family and I transition from working as farm workers to working as factory laborers. We worked at a factory named Northern Fruit Company where fruits are processed. I worked for this company several summers sorting and packaging cherries. I, also, worked as a bus boy/server when I wasn’t working at the factory. Further, my educational goals are to become a dental hygienist. I want to become a dental hygienist because I really like working with teeth and helping out people. I believe that it is very important to help people understand the importance of having good oral hygiene. If people maintain good oral hygiene, a lot of diseases can be prevented. For individuals that already have gum diseases, I will be helping out those individuals by educating them on how they can restore their oral hygiene. Finally, I am a good potential investment for this scholarship for various reasons. First of all I would be a good investment because when I become a dental hygienist, I will be helping out people prevent gum diseases. Many of the people I will serve may be farm workers or individuals that have poor dental hygiene. Next, I am a good investment for this scholarship because I am a dedicated student. When I strive to do something in life, I never give up. If I fail at something, I find ways to solve the issue that I may be having. Further, another reason why I am a good investment for this scholarship is because I am a very caring person and appreciate any support that I get from others. Finally, I would be a good investment for this scholarship because I really care about making a difference in people’s lives before I depart this world. I want to impact people’s lives in a positive manner. I want people to remember me as a positive role model. And I want to encourage others to achieve their educational goals like I will do when I become a dental hygienist.

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