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A son of immigrants, my parents migrated to the United States from Mexico to ensure that my future would be full of opportunities that they did not have. I am truly blessed to have parents that have sacrificed theirs needs for my brothers and me. I am thankful for everything I have today due to my parents' hard work and effort. Being raised in an abominable neighborhood in Fresno, California, I didn't really have much or asked for much either, other than the necessities of life. At a very young age I was taught right from wrong and learned to be very humble and happy for what I had. It strengthened me as a person and encouraged me to be someone in life. In school, I strived to get good grades at a very young age and I still carry that point of view today.

At the age of eight I had a life changing experience that shook my world. I went from thinking I was the happiest kid in the world, but that thought changed instantly when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. After two years of pain and suffering for both my parents, and me I was cancer free. If it wasn't for my parents, I don't think that I would be the person I am today. That experience changed the way I looked at life. It made me a stronger person: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nevertheless, because of this experience, I have a new perception of life. As a child I wanted to be a pilot but after that experience, I decided to help kids just like me that have cancer and to help people in general.

Now that I'm completing high school, I look back at all the clubs and activities I participated in. In addition to earning excellent grades, spending late nights and early mornings studying for exams and writing papers, I have dedicated my time to the Hanford community. I am a member of FFA, the Hanford West Key Club, and the octagon club, which I hope to get a good experience out of. In 2014 I participated in an internship for Amanda Renteria who was running for congress for District 21 which help me learn more about politics and how politicians work.

After high school, I plan to go to college and study medicine or business. Through all the struggles I have overcome, I still have managed to see the better things in life. I hope to achieve my goals and dreams in the future and create a better life for my parents and myself.

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