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I grew up understanding the importance of getting an education because of my parents work ethic while they worked in the fields. Their hardships earning money through hard labor and receiving minimum wage was the only way to support our family. My parents did a variety of field work and has been a part of my family through generations. Starting from very young my family picked oranges: cotton, grapes, peaches, pears, and cutting trees. My parents are very proud of their hard work and showed me how tenacious determination is key to pursuing our dreams no matter how hard they appear to be. I know how tough it is to work in the fields because that was how I learned how important getting an education is. I also am apart of the University Migrant Services at Fresno State which is a support program that helps students from farm working backgrounds. I work in Educational Opportunity Program as a student assistant to help first generation students of low income to disadvantaged college students. I am now a Fresno State student pursuing a job in Physical Therapy with a Bacelor's degree Science. I am aware of how onerous the Physical Therapy program might be; however, I foresee my background assisting me overcome the programs rigorous work.

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