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As a first generation Mexican American, raised by a single mother, I have found that my ultimate passion and purpose is to improve the life of others. My passion for engineering and desire to become a professor and a Hispanic role model drove me to pursue a PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Michigan. I am committed to creating a legacy of scholarship and excellence. My father’s early passing also had a tremendous impact in my live – it has led to my resilient desire to pursue drug delivery research specifically relating to cardiovascular health. Soon after my dad’s passing, my mother decided to immigrate to the United States with her brothers to work in the fields of multiple seasonal crops because she knew that I had a greater chance at a better future living in the US. We settled in the state of Wyoming because of the serenity of state and abundance of farm work. Not having a father and therefore growing up in a single parent home with low income created economic hardship for me. I applied for and was awarded the Starr Scholarship (full tuition plus room and board) to attend Michigan State University (MSU). I then decided to continue my graduate studies in the state of Michigan and the University of Michigan. As a first year graduate student, I am positioning myself for success by being heavily involved in my research lab.

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