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I come from a family who works in a seasonal farm work job during really sunny days and even rainy days. Like my parents, I have worked in the fields to get my own money and stop asking my parents, so that they can save money in case of an emergency. Even though we aren't a big family, we live day by day because of the low income they get. After working in the summer strawberries with my mother, I now know the struggle it is to get up early, and the pain you feel on your back from crouching all day picking.

Because of this, I want to pursue my education. In 2015, I was accepted to California State University, Sacramento with the help of California Assistant Migrant Program (CAMP). Also, I got accepted to a program called Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) with the help of this program I got to start school during the summer before Fall'15 started.

I feel I am a good investment because of the goals I have in pursuing an education. Since I know I wouldn't have a life working in the fields and how hard it is to work in the fields I want to get a career and get my BA in Sociology. Going to class is my only priority and most of my time is spent studying or doing homework. I am also involved in my community, helping the community register to vote and encouraging change. I am pursuing an education as well because I want my two younger brothers and young kids who surround me to follow my steps and see the examples I am giving them to reach an education like I am pursuing.

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