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At a young age, I started picking raspberries to help my parents with extra money for the house. We'd pick raspberries when my parents would get out of their full-job. Then when I moved to Oregon, I started working in the fields at the age of 16. I started harvesting melons during the summer of 2015, in the morning, and moved into a warehouse to package watermelons after harvesting melons. I didn't knew how difficult it was too work in the fields until that year. The melons were heavy, and we'd have to carry them in the bags that people pick apples with. I was drained by the time I arrived at the warehouse, but I didn't give up. Then the following year, I got a job at Zirkle Fruit Company. I started off with removing the plague from the trees of the apples. I carried a ladder all day to be able to take off the plague from the top of the trees. The ladder was heavy to carry around all day and I would end up with sore shoulders because I would alternate the shoulders I would carry it on. After working in the plague of the apple, I was moved to pick blueberries. Picking blueberries was harder than I thought. Being on your knees the majority of time was one of the hardest parts. I wasn't prepared with knee pads and ended up having dark knees at the end of the season. The hardest part for me was not drinking water until we'd go on break or lunch because I didn't want to waste any time since we were getting paid for how much buckets we made. I was trying to make as much money as possible for college. I knew college was expensive and that was my motivator while picking blueberries. At the end of the season, I realized how much hard work is put into working at the fields and since then, I have more respect towards farm workers. My educational plans consist of attaining a bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Entrepreneur. Also, I am looking into minoring in Communications. I want to continue on being a successful full-time student through fall, winter, and spring terms. Scholarships will become a habit as I continue to apply for them. I will finish my first year of college at Eastern Oregon University, then transferring to Portland Community College. I plan to transfer because I want to finish my AAOT and prerequisites at a community college. When I accomplish my plans at one of the community college, I will then transfer to Portland State University to obtain my Bachelor's Degree. My career goal is to build a business. My inspiration is my parents. My parents are legal immigrants from Mexico. They came to the Americas to give a better life to their children, and I want to obtain a better life for them and myself. I should be considered for this scholarship because not only will it help me monetarily, but it would be a pleasure for me if the RFDF became a part of my success. I am a persistent and motivated student when it comes to my education. I have always gave a hundred percent in everything I have accomplished in high school and college. My hard work and smart decisions have gotten me far as a student. To be awarded with this scholarship would be such an inspiration. It would motivate me to help others along the way of obtaining my career and educational goals. The RFDF should consider me because it would be a tremendous pleasure to have your generosity and support to help me achieve my career and educational goals along the way.

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