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I have encountered many difficult situations throughout my life but the hardest experience I faced was coming to this country at the age of five. My family and I had to migrate to this country because they wanted to give me a better life quality, even if it was by doing the hard and back-breaking work. I just graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a concentration in Spanish. I am working towards getting accepted into the Masters Program in School Counseling. My biggest aspiration is to help the Spanish-speaking community become successful with their education. This career makes me feel happy and satisfied knowing that children are learning from what I am able to teach them. My dream is to make a change in the country by helping Spanish-speaking students achieve their goal and learn English. The fact that there are many kids that are struggling academically and there is a limit amount of bilingual teachers in this country makes me very disappointed and wanting to become that role model of inspiration that the future generations need.

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