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Almost 10 years ago, my family took the little that they had and come to the United States. We left everything we knew culture, language and family behind. Dinuba, CA, a small town of Tulare County, saw us arrived with hope and desire to succeed. My parents’ day begins at 4:00 am every morning to work in the fields picking grapes, blueberry, and peaches in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Working under the hot weather conditions is not an easy job. I am proud to say that since the day I stepped foot in this country; my summers have been dedicated to work in the fields. With great honor, I learned to appreciate the hard working hands of farmworkers. May 2017, I graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, Community Health. On Fall 2017, I started Nursing School at Fresno City College. My goal is to be become a Public Health Nurse to prove health and advocate for those underserved communities. I want to promote health, empower, and advocate for farmworkers. As a community, we must learn to appreciate the food we have in our table, but most of all to appreciate the people who harvest it, the farmworkers. For such reason son 2016, I dedicated my summer to go to North Carolina as Student Action with Farmworker’s Intern (SAF) to advocate and promote health to farmworkers. Being a daughter of farmworkers, has motivated me to serve as a bridge for this hard people between the needs and the resources available. The hard work and sacrifice of my parents have been my support during my college years. I hope to finish my education and return to my community in many ways.

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