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I was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, but on January 2014 my parents decided to relocate in the United States. The whole part of coming to a new country to which I was not familiarized with was pretty difficult. When I got here, I did not know English, it was totally a new language to me. It has been the most challenging obstacle I have ever faced. It was not only the new language that was being an obstacle, there were more things with it; new lifestyle, new people, new culture, new school and new future, and all of them were pretty difficult. My parents decided to come to the U.S. to follow the American Dream; as soon as we got here my mom started working at the fields picking and packing grapes. At that time she was the only support my family had because my dad who has always had problems with his hips had just had a surgery in Mexico and he was still in recovery; therefore, he was unable to work. It was a very difficult time because my parents were struggling to pay bills and I got to see how worry they were. My dad feeling like he was not doing his job of providing for his family, and my mom feeling like everything was on her and me just not knowing what to do. Seeing my mom waking up so early and coming home so tired and seeing my dad stress because he could not do too much made me think that I needed to do something to pay them back. I have always wanted to go to college and my parents had always support me when it comes to school. They understand the important it is to get college education and they have taught me the importance of hard work.

Everything seemed to be getting better, we were adapting ourselves to our new lifestyle, but then almost a year after we moved from Mexico my youngest sister was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and our whole lives changed. She is currently on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. Because of what happened with my sister my mom had to leave her job for a couple of months and this meant more financial problems. This was a very difficult time but we are working our way trough it. My sister has been the most influential person in my life? she helped me change my point of view about the world. Thanks to her, I learned that even when things get difficult there is always a reason to live and be happy. It has been my lifelong dream to become a doctor, but since the incident with my sister, I have developed a special interest in the study of kidney disease. That is why I want to become a Nephrologist. I want to help people in the same situation as my sister. After finishing my bachelor's degree in biology I plan on going to a medical school, earn my doctorate degree and then become a Nephrologinst. I am pretty sure this will be a great investment of time and money in order to become a Nephrologist.

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