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I come from a low-income family and I am a first generation student. My parents have pushed me and supported me to pursue my dreams, they inspire me to do my best and finish school to have a good paying job and not struggle, but sometimes money is tight and I need that extra help to make my career possible. Ever since I was smaller I had a passion for being involved in the community and working with people, giving back to them. It has been a passion that hasn’t faded out after several years, in matter of fact it keeps growing and growing more now that I am able to study and start my path to achieve my goals. I plan on giving back to my community, especially my home town since I've been raised and sculptured by this town. My community has showed me to keep working even if the job is too hard and physically bad for oneself, because at the end of the day, all of the effort and sacrifice is to keep your family happy and never leave them without a roof to sleep under or food to eat. I live in a small border town in Arizona, San Luis, and I wouldn’t change my hometown for any other town. I’ve been raised in this town looking at field workers everyday, carrying their heavy plastic boots over their shoulder or sometimes on after a 10 hour shift, and the big sacks they use to pick the vegetable they worked for the day. My County is known for having the largest harvest in the whole country. Yuma county, provides harvest all over the United States. There is many varieties of jobs and fields to work for. My parents work on the harvest and these jobs are not year long, in average they last about seven months. They are minimum wage jobs and with how much they get paid, they can afford to have a decent lifestyle but limited to luxuries. I've been working since I turned 16 to contribute a bit to my family's income, I can see how my help has released some financial tension within the years and I am glad I can support them. My dad has worked in majority of the jobs available in the crop field, he has been cropping lettuce, celery, melon, watermelon, grape, tomatoes, and lemons. I remember seeing him come home full of sweat, exhausted, looking for a place to rest, but he would always have the energy to hug my little sister and give a kiss to my mom. We are grateful for all of his hard work, with those acts he demonstrates that nothing is impossible. He inspired me to overachieve myself in school and in every goal I had, Because if he could go to work everyday and maintain us with food on the table, clothes to dress and a house to sleep in, I had no excuse to give up on any accomplishment. Now that I am so close to leaving for college and finally start studying for my career, I find myself full of excitement and motivation to study and enjoy my classes, to pass them and be able to use all of the skills I will acquire back into my future job and as well to be a change or part to my community. For the past two years I've been wanting to work for the city, be part of the Human Resource or for Parks and Recreation. Those two jobs drive me crazy, they are my goal to achieve as of now, but if I can find another job that I can be in contact and aware of what’s happening with my community, I will gladly take the position. Working has been part of my life and I can't see myself without a job anymore, that's why I want to study because I know I am mentally and physically strong to work for my degree in business and conquer a job to pay for my expenses and be able to help out my parents as well since they have already given me so much. I'd be blessed with this scholarship since I can't fully pay for school myself. This scholarship will be a great push and motivation to input all my effort in to finishing my career. I will forever be grateful of receiving this scholarship, thanks to it, I will be able to study at my dream school.

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