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From youth, I witnessed firsthand the suffering farm workers suffered from working in order to provide for their families. Working under the sun from dawn to suck I remember my mama coming home complaining of her fractured knee. I would see her apply warm rubbing alcohol on her sun-kissed skin to temporarily reduce the pain until the following day. I was born and raised in Mexico in a pueblo where resources just like health care were limited and scarce. At the time my mother was the only provider in our household, often leaving early in the morning to catch a ride to work and returning before the sun set. At the time she worked in strawberry fields along with my grandparents, I recall observing my mother struggling to remove the red strawberry color from her hand, scrubbing with soap and bleach, I promised her that in the future she will never have red hands again. I am still committed to my promise, trying to achieve excellence in my education to make my mother proud has been my priority. One day my mother told me we would be able to join my father in the United States, where we would have more opportunities and everything would chance. When I arrived in California we would move around with the flow of work through the Central Valley moving from town to town, I never felt like we would have a stable home. I continued to see my mother come home in pain. When I started school it was no different, I was a stranger and everything seemed strange to me in the classroom. Eventually, my family found a stable home where my mother worked full time in seasonal harvest. My father who stayed home because of a disability due to a work injury taught me about the importance of school and the concept of working with your head and not your back. I have lived through that saying through my entire school, I always attempted to be the best in everything I did. I currently attend UC Davis as a Neurobiology, physiology, and behavior and Chicana/Chicano studies double major. I intend to eventually go on to medical school to not only learn how to treat patients but to also learn about social injustices in health care. I hope to work with larger communities and target specific conditions that affect the entire population. I am a good potential investment because investing in me is investing in the community. I do not intend to join the medical field for the high salary but rather the pleasure of making a difference is someone else’s life and in the community.

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