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Hi my name is Yulissa Ramos, I am twenty-one years old. I am currently a senior at Fresno State. I am the second oldest child out of two brothers and two sisters. My life as the daughter of farm workers has never been smooth. I was born in Puruandiro Michoacán as with many parents who journeyed to the U.S to work. Eventually my dad made the decision to bring over the whole family; initially moving into the home of my aunt living in Terra Bella CA. we moved into the Woodville Labor Camp where we resided in a small three bedroom apartment for the following eight years. I started Woodville School at the age of five. Throughout middle school I was very shy, quiet not very social but always did well in school. Teachers were always impressed with the work I completed. I remember when my eighth grade English teacher Mr. Lopez shared with my mom of many of my achievements, there was not a better feeling than feeling proud of a son or daughter. I was not a very social child yet I met a lot of people that still remain my friends today. Towards the end of my eighth grade year my parents bought a house in Porterville. Moving to my new house in Porterville felt like I was moving into a mansion, I finally had my own room and my neighborhood was so much nicer. Since my older sister left to college I had more responsibilities at home. I use to return home from school and complete homework right away. My older sister Lorena has always motivated me to follow her steps and attend a major college. Ever since we moved to the U.S me and my older sister have seen how hard my dad works to make very little money in horrible conditions whether it may be one hundred degrees outside or the middle of winter when it is supper cold. It is not easy work because me and my sister have gone to work in the fields as well during summer vacation to have enough money to buy school supplies for the coming school year. Growing up college was never in my plans because my parents were not able to afford all that money for me to go away from home and study. But now that I am in college I have found out about all the help that there is out there and we don’t know about. After seeing all the struggles that my parents when threw I want to have a better life than the life that my parents have, I also want to graduate college and be able to help out my parents to where they don’t have to work anymore. I have already made my family proud by attending Fresno state which I am also proud of myself. Before I decided to attend Fresno State I was afraid to leave my family behind and become a little independent myself. Now that I am here I look back and feel proud of what I have accomplished so far but this is just the beginning my plan is to stay here at Fresno State for four years to obtain my B.A in criminology. Having my B.A in criminology I would want to become a Police Officer in the near future. With the motivation of my parents and the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) that I am in here at Fresno State. I have developed a few skills since I came into this program they have helped me overcome my shyness. Also I have become more involved in school, when there is events on campus I am always looking for ways to be able to participate.

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