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My name is Yisel Ayon-Astorga, and I am 17 years and I am Hispanic, I have a family of eight siblings I am the fourth to the oldest I look up to my three older siblings they have overcome many challenges to get their education and be successful. My parents came to the United States at a very young age to seek for the American Dream ever since they came to the United States they been picking grapes in the fields. Coming to this country was to give us and my brothers and sisters a better life and have the opportunity to pursue an education, and not be stuck working in the fields. I am a Freshman at Fresno State University and my goal to pursue an education and major in Pre-Psychology, with my major I want to give counseling for teens who have a drug or alcohol abuse. In the community where I am theirs, many teens who are into in bad habits are surrounded with peer pressure. I want to help out those teens because I see they have potential, to become someone better in life. My goal is to benefit myself and succeed in life to be able to support my future family and help my parents and in order to this, an education is what's going to get me to accomplish my dreams. FRESNO2016

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