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My father, grandfather, and uncles worked in agriculture in Harlingen, Texas way before I was born. They came seeking to improve their life and to obtain the American Dream here in the U.S. I was born in 1997 in Harlingen, Texas. I am the oldest of five children. My parents got a divorce at the age of 12. My mother, I, and the kids moved to Tennessee 2008, that same year my mother started working in agriculture nearby Memphis, Tennessee. 2010 we moved back to Texas. My mother started then working in a warehouse in Dona, Texas with the onion, watermelon, and mango. My mother allowed me to work in agriculture when I was 16. I worked in the same warehouse she did, during the watermelon season, next to her and my aunt. Seeing my mother work so hard made me want my goals of graduating from high school and going to college a lot more. My mother and father never got the chance to go to college nor graduate high school. My mother has pushed me so far to get me where I am. I don't plan to disappoint her at all, not for what she has taught me and worked so hard to get me here. I am planning to Double-Major in Spanish, Major in Business, Minor in Marketing.

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Watch Khan Academy video on the topic of Raising Money for a Startup 1 Approved - Paid $88.9
Watch Khan Academy Video on the basics of the U.S. tax system 1 Approved - Paid $60.5
Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Paid $110
Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Paid $100