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       Hello My name is Yaneli and I am a third year student at Fresno State .My dad works in the dairy he works day and night to support a family of 6 my mother can???t work anymore because of her health problems i work in the fields every summer to try to earn money to pay for school. I am studying public health with the option in community health. I want to get my medical degree to be able to help out other Hispanic family that can???t afford health care. I want to make a difference in the community. To show that us Mexicans can achieve our American dream. We can demonstrate going to school and working hard to become better people and keep helping our community to set the example. I am a hard working person, once I set a goal I don't t give up in-till my goal is met. My first language is Spanish I am a bilingual student. I have overcame a lot of obstetrical in life in trying to keep my education going and it???s been really hard due to low funding but so far with the work that I have been doing I am able to at least cover my tuition. i like to work, study, i like to communicate, hang out with my family and friends.

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