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I'm the youngest of six and I do come from a migrated family. I'm a migrated child that came from Mexico. I came to the United States of America when I was a little kid. Ever since I did most of my life has been here in Michigan. My family has always worked in the field same as I. I have worked in all types of weather from it raining hard to the weather outside being 100 degrees. My parents especially my dad has worked in the fields all his life from picking apples, pears, plums, blueberries and cutting vine grapes. He will be working once again in his seasonal work coming this next month of March. My father has migrated so much all over the U.S. He himself has at least been over to 35 states in regards because of the field work. I'm the first generation in my family that has attended college and plan on improving my life. Moreover, the reasons are because my parents never got an education. My dad had gone to school like preschool in Mexico but he got out in first grade because he needed to work in the fields to help my grandparents. My mom on the other hand, she didn't finish first grade. I anticipate to have a better life and my hopes are to help my parents as much as I can, with a career I hope to achieve in college. The career I am striving for is to obtain my minors in Social Work and Family Life Education and a major in Criminal Justice.

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