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When I was 15, my family and I went to Indiana to work as farm workers, because that was the best option for us. Neither of my parents were working so, my father believed the only way we would make it through the summer was to work as migrants de-tasseling corn. We drove up and got placed in a motel with other farmworkers. My dad, mom, sister, and I worked from 7AM-7PM, Monday through Friday. The hard work and scorching heat never bothered me though because I knew it would help my family. I occasionally found it fun, because at least I got to be with my family; however, the monotonous work and little pay also made me realize that this was not what I wanted to be doing in the future. When I returned to school I was even more grateful and determined to have an education. Likewise, the migrant department at my school gave me more opportunities. I was selected, along with 4 other students and my sister to attend D.C. on an educational trip, where my knowledge in the federal government was expanded. When I returned home, I saw the difference in the city and my poverty stricken town--and entire valley. It made me sad, but I knew that the only way to help my town was to get an education. I got accepted to St. Edwards on migrant scholarship and plan to graduate with a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience. I want to become a doctor and do research to help mentally ill people. I strongly believe that it's one of the major issues that needs more attention. So I plan to return to my hometown and create a clinic. To conclude I am confident in my ability to complete any task put in front of me because of my background. I am very thankful to have even gotten this far, and it's been a struggle, but if I can overcome all that I have, I can overcome anything. I am not only pursing an education for my parents, but for myself, because I want to be the best me. I have the ability but I may not have the opportunity because of the cost, however it may be more difficult, but that won't stop me.

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