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As a kid, I did not have to work in the fields because my mom preferred me to stay home and study but as I got older I noticed that my mom struggled financially so I decided that I needed to work just to help her out. So once I turned 14 I started working, I tried to help out as much as I could. With my money that I would get, I would buy my brother and sister their back to school clothes, shoes, and school supplies. So that my mom would not have to buy them and she can save money so she can pay the bills. Working in the fields in harder than one can expect, the hot sun gazing down on you and the long ours that are yet to come. Many students in my community work in the fields, and some end up dropping out of school jus to work to help their parents out which I think is noble of them but the should have continued their education like I am trying to do. My educational goals are that in a few years I want a masters degree in criminology, and or criminal justice. They are kind of the same thing but I want to show my siblings that if I can do it they can too. I still haven't decided which school to go to but I know whichever one I chose the school will be great. I feel like I am a good potential investment because I am driven, and I have the support of my mother which matters the world to me.

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