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Since I was a youngster, maybe 10 years of age, I remember going off to work with my family in the fields. It was not the most exciting job and I could not stand the heat. It was summertime and all I wanted to do is have fun with my friends, sleep in for days, go to the beach, and have all the free time anyone could imagine. It wasn???t like that for my siblings and I. We were given two options from our parents, either go to summer school or go to work and have some spending money. As much as summer school sounded like a joyful place, I followed my two older brothers into the field to work. We picked cherries, blueberries, apples, and trimmed the blueberry shrubs depending on the season or the needs of the farmer. We helped each other out during the day. The most irritating part of working near the woods was the mosquitoes that never went away, the extremely long hours we had to stand and the heat. Nothing will ruin a child???s happiness other than inviting him/her to work early in the morning, but my parents were determined to get the days??? worth of pay. I guess that???s why we went along with them to help them achieve earn more for their day and benefit from the work, me and my brothers put in. It wasn???t too much of a threat and we had to go work, but it just seemed the right thing to do knowing from a very young age what my parents were going through financially and it drained us from the inside. We swallowed our sadness and began to work harder than the previous days. It definitely motivated us all to continue on this road of hard work. From my past experience to now it has impacted my life significantly to strive for an opportunity that will later in the future help my family and I lead to success. That success to our family is first of all school because like my father would always tell us, ???You do not want to end up like me, feeling like a bum. Make something of yourself. Be better than I am.??? My father wasn???t proud of his seasonal work but it brought food to the table. Since my parents came straight from Mexico without having an educational background and all they knew is work. They never had the intention to come to the U.S.A and wish for their children the same, but the opposite.

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