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I come from a family like most, hardworking and family oriented. My Grandparents came to the United States in the 1940's and worked in agriculture their whole lives. They would move back and forth from Michigan and Mexico for many years. They finally settled in Lawton, Michigan in 1968 when they earned enough money to buy a house. In Lawton, my family was the only Hispanic family to actual buy a house and settle. Due to redlining and apartheid they were not able to receive a mortgage but instead had to get a land contract and payed for most of the house upfront. My father grew up in Lawton and graduated from Lawton High School in 1982. He started working the moment he was able to walk. He worked all year round traveling with my grandparents from Michigan to Texas. My father being the second youngest of 13 children was able to attend college because his older siblings could now help out my grandparents. He went to school for two years and earned an associates degree. He never went back to school and began working at a plastics manufacturing company for most of his adult life. The factory ended up closing down but due to his reputation of hard work and his experiences he was able to earn a job at Parker Hannifan Aerospace where he now able to support his family more than ever before. My mother was born and raised in Mexico. She does not consider herself chicana or tejana because she never lived in the Rio Grande Valley or in Texas. She learned English and earned her GED and became a CNA (certified nursing assistant). A few years ago she quit her job and lifted up a church in Lawton where she pastors. The church is the first Hispanic church in Lawton called Iglesia Pentecostes en Lawton, Michigan del Moviemento Misionero Mundial Inc.

I was born into a family where there was not a need to work in agriculture. My father never wanted his children to forget where they come from and the struggles of the older generations. So at the age of 11 I started working with my father and my uncle. My father worked second shift and so in the morning he would take my brothers and I to work. My grand parents struggled and my parents struggled so I do not have to struggle. I always have that in the back of my head. I am on scholarship to Western Michigan University and i plan to give back to the community I to came from and to the culture I came form. I plan to earn a degree in bio-medical sciences.

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