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Before I was born my parents migrated from Purandiro, and settled in the small peculiar town of Ducor, California. My family soon developed roots and found an opportunity for employment, working in the fruit groves. The rural town of Ducor has a population of six hundred determined industrious migrant working people, and I will always be proud of originating from there because of the life lessons it has taught me. For me, Ducor is not just a small town where the largest building is a cold storage for agricultural products, and the streets are unmaintained with potholes forcing everyone to drive down the middle of each narrow road. It is not just the dull place where my parents decided to live. Ducor is where I have learned many life lessons, and come to realize that there is no effortless way in overcoming poverty. My community has taught me that with dedication and determination there is no obstacle in the universe that will restrain me from achieving my goal of obtaining a master's degree in criminology.

My house is surrounded by agriculture; there are fields everywhere. My family has supported me and pushed me to become a successful person. One of my biggest obstacles was conquering elementary school in Ducor; I had to learn English and as a Spanish speaker I had difficulty learning the English language. Eventually, I began to settle down in my school and community, many people accepted me as a friend, and this made life easier. In spite of being welcomed by my close neighbors, I still faced the challenge of growing up with a dream of being a well-educated student in a community that does not provide many opportunities for higher education.

I have four rebellious brothers and three sensitive sisters several of them reached high school level and never progressed to further their education; on the other hand, my intelligent brother Roman and my confident sister Lupe realized college was the next step to achieving a bright future. Even though I am the youngest in my family I desired to be more educated. This is why I am determined to finished my education because I know that being here a Fresno State will help me acquire an education and career that I have always desired. In addition, my brother Roman inspired me to pursue my dreams of achieving a college diploma because he and I are the first to attend a university. For this reason I am determined to reach my goal of becoming an FBI agent and obtain master's degree from Fresno State.

At Fresno State I am currently part of the CAMP Program (College Assistance Migrant Program) which is a support program that helps students like me who come from migrant farm working families. The CAMP Program assists me for my first two years of college by helping me transition from high school to college and insuring that I stay on track with my classes. The CAMP Program has had a tremendous impact on my education because when I am lost or con-fused in any type of personal problem they put the effort into helping me and stick with me until the problem is resolved. I am also part of the USU Productions Pit Crew which is a student involved program that helps set up events for the students at Fresno State. The Pit crew has been an amazing experience because the events we set up has helped me interact with other students and be involved with a variety of cultures. Being part of Pit Crew has made me realize that organizing events for Fresno State students is an unforgettable experience because I have created bonds with other members and we always work as a team to get things done. Also this volunteer activity has helped me build better communication skills, teamwork skills, and has assisted me in establishing a network with others.

All my experiences have transformed me into a person who is willing and determined to succeed because my parents have taught me that no matter what I dream of, I am the only one who can obtain that goal because I control my destiny. Every word of advice my parents give me is important to me because their advice leads me to a life with education. Also I have participated in several activities that separate me from other students. Receiving this scholarship will help me achieve my educational goal by a providing me with the necessary funds to pay for tuition and required books. This scholarship will not only help me achieve my goal it will benefit my studies because I will focus more on my studies instead of searching for employment. I know this scholarship will put less stress on me because in order to be accepted into the Master's Degree Pro-gram I will need the necessary funds to pay for all required materials. The impact of receiving this scholarship would be an immeasurable opportunity that would assist me throughout my college years.


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