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My name is Rafael Ayala and I will be a Senior studying Aerospace Engineering at Western Michigan University. I was raised in Weslaco, TX before coming to Michigan to obtain an education. I believe that it is important to obtain a higher education because both my parents did not get the opportunity to even attend school. They worked every day of their lives in the hot blistering sun. Being a child in a migrant family has shown me how hard it is to work in the fields. There is no way I could accomplish my goals without an education. They are my motivation to do well in college, in order to earn a solid education. I also strive to serve my community and be able to spend time with my family. Over my journey throughout my college years I have overcome obstacle ranging from homesickness to surgery on my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Meniscus.

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Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Not Paid $75.67
Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Paid $51.5
A basic introduction to the concept of inflation and how it affects cost of living. 1 Approved - Paid $30