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Since my earliest memories as a child I remember my dad coming home every evening covered in dust and with a cluster of grapes. At an early age I did not seem to understand what my dad did in his job. My interest of understanding what he did for a living grew. Soon after, I began asking him to take my older brother and I to his workplace on weekends, so we could see what he did. There were days where he would in fact take us and we would see all the acreage that my dad had to work on under intense weather. Time went on and my older brother who currently attends Fresno State and myself, would go and help my dad with his side job. The property consisted of approximately fifty acres of vineyards. My brother and I would go early in the morning and begin pruning and leafing the vines. I would also have to cut all the grass that surrounded the vines. In addition, we would have to install pole fences and make sure the irrigation system was running smoothly. After having worked in the vineyards I became increasingly interested in Agriculture. That was when I decided to join the Future Farmers of America Association in high school. I raised hogs every year and would sell them in the County Fair. Later, I earned the position of Reporter and Sentinel for my Chapter. This was an irreplaceable experience for me because my parents had pigs when they were young and it was a good feeling knowing that I was experiencing some of their childhood moments. There was a moment where I considered majoring in Agriculture and being a teacher; however, I felt like I wanted to do something more for my community. Since my older brother is majoring in agriculture I trusted him to take care of my communities most important crop, grape vineyards. I decided to help my community stay safe which is why I am now pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. Originally I wanted to go into my career as a Sheriff Deputy then promote to a Missing People Detective, however I need to spend time around Agriculture to feel at home because that is the environment I grew up with. In search for the my idea of a perfect future I decided to become a Conservation Officer. Their duties are to uphold laws and regulations of wildlife and the natural environment. I strongly believe that I am a good investment because having grown up in a family were farm working backgrounds is the source of our income has allowed me to understand and appreciate every opportunity that comes my way. I want to strive and graduate with my career as a Conservation Officer because even though I may not be working in vineyards I will be nearby taking care of both the community and the wildlife. I will always know I was raised from a farm working family and that is something that I will never forget. The most important thing I have learned from working with farm workers is helping each other excel and reach all their goals in life because only then will you be happy in life.

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