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Growing up as the daughter of immigrant agricultural farm workers has never been really easy for me. You never know if you’ll be able to attend the same school. You always tend to be the new kid at school and in the neighborhood. Despite all of the circumstances I still had one goal in mind and that was to strive and become successful to make my parents proud. I wanted to become everything and anything my parents were never able to accomplish because of their economic and social status with those goals in mind, I knew I needed an education to accomplish such things. School became my getaway place where I was able to learn and show my academic talents. I was able to stick my face in a book and explore new places, things, and cultures in which I became more knowledgeable. It was as if school was the only place where I could be myself and forget the fact that maybe when I came back home, I would have to move schools and /or home. I enjoyed school because I was able to learn and help other classmates as well. I’ve never liked to see someone sad or ill because instantly I wanted to help them with their needs. In school, I began to have more interest in science than any other subject. I was fascinated by the atoms and molecules that made up our body and the world around us. Science has always intrigued me, and I always wanted to know more about everything around us and science seemed to always have the answer to most of my questions. With science being my focal point, I began to look into future careers that involved science and helping others and soon I discovered that I wanted to become a Pediatrician. Seeing my parents come home tired from their long and harsh work day always made me want to push myself even more, I wouldn’t want to fail them for everything they have done for me. I always made school a priority and necessity so that I would make myself someone important in this world. While school was in session it seemed to be that the outside world had no importance to me, but soon I would long for the school year to begin. Going on summer vacation and school breaks always made me somewhat upset, because I knew that I wasn’t going to go on vacations like many of my other friends instead I would be babysat at my house. I would hardly see my parents and I soon wanted to help them out at home so that they could come home and relax. I began to mature mentally at an early age to help out my parents; I didn’t want them to come home tired and still have to do the house duties. I knew that school would be back in session soon and that I could unravel my brain back into books.

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