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At the age of seven, I left my home country of Mexico and moved with my family to Gridley, California. Struggling to figure out a new language and help take care of my siblings, I learned at an early age what hard work meant. During the summers, my family migrated to Oregon to work in the cherry fields and at 13 years of age, I began working myself. Observing the dedication and perseverance that my parents displayed each day, I poured all of my energy into making them proud and fulfilling their dreams for their children. I received honors in school, joining numerous clubs and gaining recognition from community organizations like the Gridley Rotary Club and the Education Talent Search.

I graduated valedictorian of my high school class and am now studying at University of California, Berkeley. As a molecular and cellular biology major, I hope to attend medical school or become a medical researcher in order to impact and help others through medical advances.

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