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Since a young age my parents worked in the fields to support my four brothers and I. I grew up traveling every summer to Michigan and Illinois to be with my parents as they worked in the fields. At around the age of 16, I personally experienced agriculture field work in Illinois. I did it for one year and realized that moment that farm work was not something I wished upon anyone, but knew that under my parents circumstance, that was the only was to go. My parents continued to go to work in the fields, until my brothers were old enough to be able to get jobs and help out around the house. Being the youngest, my parents continued to go to do seasonal agriculture work to support me in my studies. Once in high school, I like to believe I was an exemplary student, I was in the top 10% of my class throughout the 4 years and was involved in Student Council. My parents always told me that what they did to get to where they were was not something they wanted me to do. So they taught me the value in pursuing something that I felt would get me to the point in life were I was happy and comfortable. Upon High School graduation, I was the first of my family to go into higher education. Because of the values I developed growing up, I chose to pursue an education in Political Science and Sociology, leading to my current interest in law, in specific family law. I have been extremely determined and persistent to getting to my ultimate goal of being a family attorney for a non-profit organization that helps underrepresented individuals. I am a good investment because up to this point in my education I have done everything possible to achieve my goal by taking any opportunity that helps me increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons.

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