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As far as I can remember all of my family members are farm workers. I was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley. I am the daughter of two farm workers that have worked throughout this valley ever since their arrival from Mexico, I have seen the hard work and dedication it takes to progress. As a family of six, I knew there was no way we could afford everything me and my three sisters wished for. Due to being tight on cash, although my father worked from daylight to nighttime, my mother began working at a packing shed for a seasonal job when I was very young. I remember having to be up at 6:00AM and while being more asleep than awake having to have breakfast, getting our hair combed, as well as brushing our teeth before being dropped off at our babysitter during our schooldays. After 23 years, my parents still remain working in the same companies they began with. They strive to have food on the table for each and every one of us. They have become my biggest motivators to keep attending college and have made me realize the opportunities that I am being granted with. I am currently a sophomore at California State University, Fresno, with dreams of becoming a teacher. I want to motivate students to continue on and pursue their dreams, because nothing is impossible. I feel that I am someone dedicated and due to this dedication, I will not give up. The only thing that would not let me continue on would be not having enough to cover school expenses because I know that my parents would not be able to help me in financially, even if they wanted to. All my parents can provide me with are very basic needs and emotional support throughout my journey, this I am in search of scholarships to help with extra costs.

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