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I come from a long line of seasonal farm work. My grandparents would migrate from Michigan to Texas each year. When my father married my mother, they too traveled to and from. Up to the age of 10, my family as a whole (aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents) traveled as a caravan. They worked in various farms, working with diverse fruits and vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, apples blueberries, etc. Even though I never worked in the fields I always remember my parents not being there for my sister and I. Most times she would babysit me, a 10 year old baby-sitting a 5 year old, it was hard. Soon my grandparents and other family members decided it was too much for them to travel back and forth so they stopped but we continued. Up to this day I have traveled back and forth with my parents. My dad works in Cherry Bay Orchards and my mother works in Telamon Migrant Head Start, both seasonally. Even though we have traveled my whole life I don't regret it, and I don't blame my parents for making us grow up in an environment of a migrant seasonal farm worker.

Growing up was difficult, learning things by myself was hard but not once have I felt I couldn't handle it. I believe this made me who I am, and I feel it made of me a hard-worker, resilient, flexible, honest and grateful. Now in Western Michigan University I plan on majoring in Finance and Accounting to one day be a successful business woman and in someway help my community.

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