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I am the first daughter of a seven-member family, including my mom, dad, three brothers and one sister. My dad has spent almost 32 years working in the fields. He works in la grape and tree pruning, picking fruit and putting rubber on the vines. My mom has almost four years working in the grape fields and sorting tables. They wake up at three or four in the morning to go to work, and they arrive home at sundown. My parents wanted me to learn about working in the fields, so when they have the opportunity they take me to work with them, they do. Now, I fully appreciate more my education. I am dedicated to school, and gaining knowledge about the world around me. I am currently doing my MBA program at Fresno State. My motto is to never give up on something you love. I want to learn as much as I can about business, international relations, and the community around me. I have gone so far in just 8 year that I have been here in the United States. I moved to the United State during my 10th grade. I had to attend 2 years to English Leaners class, but even this fact was keeping me away from graduating on time and from getting accepted to a 4 year college I was able to work hard. I was involved in extra curricular activities, like clubs and soccer. My senior year I promise myself I was going to work hard on anything I was missing to graduate to I was able to take 3 years or regular English in one year after I completed my 2 years to learn English. I took English one during summer school, English 2 in regular class and English 3 through an online program. I was able to graduate at the end as a sub-valedictiorian. I was the only English learner who graduated with honors and was accepted into a 4 year college after a lot of people did not believe on me. My 5 years in college were not easy for me at all. my first year I was not able to understand anyone speaking in English. I was only able to understand English by reading but I was able to write. I was not able to speak English or understand it when someone spoke it. I decided that I was not going to give up and that my obstacle was not going to stop me from graduating with honors. I did not sleep so many night, I did not have time to eat sometimes, rest or have a social life like any other normal college student. I was not even able to have a job because of lack of money to buy car. This was hard because I could obtain the extra money I needed, but I was able to graduate with Honors from Fresno State. I obtained my bachelors in Business Administration - International and a minor in Spanish. Also I was able my last semester to take two classes for the masters program as an undergrad. I am so proud of myself. I never thought that a poor girl who lived in Mexico and had big dreams and not resources was going to be able to graduate from a university in the United States and graduate with honor after no knowing any word of English. It is amazing to come from nothing to have big accomplishments even though many aspects and people were against it. Now I am doing my Masters in Business Administration to be able to learn more and have a better job that will help me create more opportunities for students like me, who find almost any door close but we push it until one open. I still struggle because I am not an English native and my English is not good yet but this is not going to stop me to accomplish my goals. Even if I fall I will get up as many times as needed.

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