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I was born in a small town in Mexico called El Dormido, GTO. I lived in a small home made out of rocks with my parents and my 11 siblings. My father crossed the border various times and brought back money to support us. By miracle, the government passed a law that granted the labor worker with the opportunity to fix the legal documents of their family. With hard work and time, he collected enough money to migrate his family to a nation where the American Dream was granted. At the age of three, my parents were able bring me to Michigan.

Growing up, my parents would be at work at the fields for most of the day so I wouldn't see them much. My parents enrolled me in summer school and also an after school program so I wouldn't get home until about seven at night. Their hard work is what pushed me to focus in school and is the reason I am in college today. Since my parents don't know any English, my first language was Spanish as well. The first time I attended school in Kindergarten, I remember being frightened because I didn't understand. As time passed throughout that year, the routine became familiar but still very uncomfortable. Since I still had trouble with English, I went to kindergarten twice. That second year I was able to learn English. To this day, I believe that if it weren't for being held back that year, I wouldn't have done as well as I have been doing. Now I am able to speak Spanish and English pretty fluently, which has been one of by greatest accomplishments. If I could achieve that then I can do anything I set my mind to.

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