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My name is Maria Isabel Gomez. I come from a family of seven. With that being said I am the only daughter. Both my parents are seasonal agricultural labor workers along with my oldest brother. My other older brother has a successful work path as a correctional officer. Ever since we were little my parents showed us how to work hard for what we want and value things. At the age of twelve we were introduced to labor work. Working in the fields taught us the importance of having an education that will promote us to a more successful way of living. I would like to pursue a career in business and management field to provide a better future for both me and my family than what we have lived. Throughout my school years I encountered a passion for mathematics that drew my attention to major in business and management. I started working at Blake’s Lotaburger roughly a year ago and, within just a couple of months, I got promoted to a shift manager. Then shortly after, my current promotion of assistant manager came through. I am thankful for this opportunity that let me experience at such a young age the responsibilities of running a business. This experience reminds me of how much more I want to major in business and management. I believe that everything is possible, and just because I come from a little town that doesn’t justify that I cannot pursue my dreams and goals to become that successful person that I’m aiming to be. Although my dreams are big, there are barriers that everyone encounters. One of them would be worrying about not being able to pursue my dreams because of my family’s financial status. In addition I would be the first one out of my family to go to college; therefore another barrier would be finding that extra support to not give up just because something new seems hard. I think that I am a good potential investment because I have been at the bottom and I know that I don't want to be there anymore therefore that thrives me to dedicate myself to pursue a career so that I can succeed in life.

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