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I come from a very low income family with both parents being field workers. This has been an important part in the family's life and therefore I decided to experience what my parent's went through everyday. To me it was a very fun experience where I was able to meet new people and learn about their lives. Just as I work my hardest in school I also worked my hardest in the fields to not disappoint my parents in anything that I did. To me it was mostly fun and games but I realized that to my parent's it was different because they had been working in this almost 40 years and they were already in their late 50's. I made that a motivation for myself because I knew that I didn't want my parents to suffer anymore and because I wanted to repay them for everything they have given me. I have always been very ambitious with my goals and my future so since day one I have been aware that I wanted to attend a 4 year University and I did the most I could in school to fit their criteria. I joined various clubs throughout my high school career, was involved in sports whether it was competing or supporting, was involved in community service, and I took on the most challenging classes that I could. When I started seeing the tuition of the universities I wanted to attend I felt a little discouraged to see that they almost amounted to our annual income. Having worked so hard these past four years and to come upon the obstacle of not knowing how to pay for college is something that knocked me off my feet because I believe that that shouldn't be a worry at all to all of those kids who have worked so hard and have spent countless hours to achieve something better for not only themselves but also for their family who wasn't as fortunate. I am a hardworking young women who knows what it feels like to have nothing and will always keep that in the back of my head as the extra push to keep me going in life and whoever invests in me shouldn't worry if I'm going to keep my word and stay in school and not slack off because these opportunities aren't ones that should go to waste.

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