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Arrive to U.S.A in 1995 from there I was given the opportunity to have an education. Finish high school with honors. Started Community college and obtained my Associate of Arts to transfer to the University so that I can receive a Bachelors of Science in Education. Some of my experience through this time includes working in the Agricultural Labor under California hot sun. I have pack melons, watermelons, weed removal, harvested tomatoes, and other fruits located in the central valley. I'm currently attending the University and need help paying for my education. I had 2 part time jobs as a cashier but I left one to pursue my education. I work 2 days of the week and 5 days of school. I'm pretty busy most of the time. I want to teach at the high school level. Agriculture is a major part of the world. I'm currently struggling with paying my tuition. I didn't receive any aid due my income been high on 2015 which for 2017 that is no longer truth I'm actually making less but due to changes in FAFSA I still cant get any aid because they are using 2015 records not 2016 where I made half of that income. I'm technically consider low income because I work 2 days of the week and more during the summer. Any help is appreciate and welcome. My next payment will be due on July 29 which is 1820.00 out of this I only have 800 so far which also leaves the 2nd payment of 1350.00 to pay on late date. its hard but I hope I can achieve what I been working for. My family and myself. The ultimate goal is to teach future food scientist and anyone interest in agricultural whether it might be plant, mechanics, animals and other. Thank you so much for taking time and reading my brief description of who I am.

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