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My name is Lupita Robles and I am from Lawrence, Michigan. I have began Western Michigan University as an undergraduate Freshman in Fall of 2014. My initial thought was to go into the Occupational Therapy as a career. I had various experiences and opportunities to work with people with disabilities and with children, in general. After further thought, I developed an interest in the science field and had a desire to continue my education in a more science-based field. I switched my major into Biomedical Science, with this degree I hope to go into Forensic Science or Physician Assistant. I decided to use my Spanish-heritage to my advantage by being able to reach out to the English, Spanish, and Bilingual communities; so I claimed a Spanish major as well. I have had occupations that involved working with children, being an office assistant, and assisted in helping with high school and middle school athletic teams. I enjoy giving back to my community by volunteering. I volunteer at El Sol Elementary in Kalamazoo and campus activities for an RSO that I am a part of. The most recent volunteer work that I had gotten the opportunity to do, was volunteer at the Heartland Nursing home in Kalamazoo. These experiences had helped me build my leadership skills, develop professionalism, gave me a sense of character, and had put me on a great track to build up my contact list in regards to networking.

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