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My parents started working at a young age being able to provide everything for their children. They wanted us to have a better lifestyle then Mexico because in Mexico you don't have much education you start to work at a young age because their wasn't enough income in the house. In order to be healthy my parents worked to help their parents. They knew it was hard and decide to come to USA for us to have a better future. I want to major in accounting and make my parents proud because working in nursery is tough. They want me to succeed and become someone in life and be a role model to my other families. I don't want my parents to suffer anymore and I want them to stop working and let me take care of them after what they have done for me it's my time to give back to them. I work with them at the nursery part time because I want to be able to buy my own things and start saving up for college because it's not easy. Im currently in the Mexican American Council College And Career Rediness Program which they are helping me in achieving my goals. I believe that everyone deserves to attend school and accomplish their future goals and not let any obstacles ruin their path towards success.

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