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I am Justine Ramos and I am currently a sophomore at Western Michigan University. My major is Organizational Communications with a minor in Psychology. I did start off with a major in Behavioral Psychology, but within the summer I had the opportunity to be an orientation student leader for the institution and within those months of training and working it was one of the biggest struggles I've ever had to go through. I was very unhappy, but when I was doing my job I was just so in love with working with the students and their families. Here is where I grew enormously and I was able to find my niche. Working with people and giving them the excitement and hope for the opportunity of starting off a new chapter in their life is what gives me the drive that I need! I have had the opportunity to help nourish that part of my passion by becoming a Fall Welcome ambassador, First Year Seminar Co-Instructor, Sexual Health Peer Educator, E-board member for two Registered student organizations (Today's Students Tomorrow's Leaders, and HOPE-help one person everyday). As you can see I'm involved and that's because I love having the opportunity to work with others and help providing the opportunities to them of making their life experiences memorable here at college and now in their lives.

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