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I'm a Michigander at heart. I was born here and lived all my 19 years of life. I have never migrated anywhere because my family and I always stayed here through all the seasons. Spanish is my first language; I started learning English when I was little with my cousins because they were older than me. So when I started kindergarten I already knew a little bit which didn't make it hard for me to adapt to things. My story growing up was very crazy in a way. My parents had their own business and my brother and I had to always follow them around. They owned a store a Mexican store in Holland, Michigan and at the same time they had three large fields of chili, and tomato. They had 40 workers working on the fields so my brother and I had to help pack all the chili and tomato in the boxes and go with my parents and deliver the produce to different stores. We did this for a couple of years until we got older and my mom got pregnant again. Then when I was in 5th grade my parents rented a restraint in Grand Rapids. There my parents spent most of their time running the business and my brother had to take care of my sister and I in the meantime. Eventually, we got older and started playing sports so my parents settled down and worked less so they could spend time with us. My parents are my biggest motivation because they would bust their butts for us to have a better life then what they did. They taught us a lot growing up, they showed us responsibilities and morals. They always made sure we had a roof and food to eat. My parents are my most treasured thing I have in the world they mean everything to me. I'm a daddy's girl so obviously I get spoiled a lot by my dad. He's the person I can go to for advice or support for anything.

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