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My name is Juan Tirado, and I am the son of field workers and also have spent most of my childhood summers helping in the fields. My father came this country at the age of 14 and worked in the fields since and and even before since my grandfather was a farmer back in Mexico. He worked all his life in the fields and also gave his life to the fields. He worked hard and me and my mother didn't suffer to come here. My mother also worked and still trys to make a living in the fields so I can study and make her proud. My father passed away since I was 7 due to over working and since then I have had to spent all my summers helping my mom in the fields so we can continue to prosper. I know that farm labor is no easy job and my mom is aging now so I have to study hard and get a job in my field of study so that my mom doesn't have to spend another summer in the field or another winter under the greenhouses. I will be studying to become a mechanical engineer and hope to make my father and my mother proud and hope that some day my mom does not have to be in the sun anymore and I can care for her.

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