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My name is Jovana Lopez and I am a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in Spanish with an emphasis in Hispanic Literature. My family and I migrated to the United States about 16 years ago from Mexico. As many immigrants, my parents thought that this country would give us more opportunities to succeed in life than our native country. We never thought that doing farm work will give us such opportunity. I am the oldest of 4 children and my parents always pushed me to be the best I could be in all the areas in my life. It was and has been difficult to be where I am now. The person I am today and everything I have is thanks to my parents' sacrifices and hard work, their support, and love. My father was able to manage to support our household by himself earning the minimum wage in the fields for several years. When I entered college, I had the opportunity to work in the fields. I see this hard work as an opportunity which helped me to appreciate and meet many farmworkers that work very hard to support their families. My farm working experience was mostly during the summers and winter breaks when the extreme climate, hot and cold respectively, hits the Central Valley. I worked indoors in nurseries as well as outdoors picking, packing, and sorting different types of fruits and vegetables. This experience has taught me that every sacrifice is worth the hard work and that nothing is impossible when you are self-aware of the potential that lies in yourself. I truly became an admirer of those adults that never gave up on the contrary they will give me strength to become a professional that will give them a hand one day. That is the reason my educational goal is not just to work at higher educational level as a professor, but also as a mentor and a supporter of Adult Education. In junction with pursuing my M.A. degree, I am also part of a cohort of other students and professionals committed to obtain an Adult Education Credential to be part of the ESL and G.E.D. programs.

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