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Coming from a migrant family, I consider it necessary for me to become a successful and aspiring individual. Education was not an easy thing for my parents to receive and for that reason they have always encouraged me to do my best in school and in life. Their advice truly proves that an education plays a vital role in being successful. By working in the agriculture fields, I have come to know people who only have that option because they did not complete high school or went to college. By not receiving an education, people have low paying jobs and struggle in life. My family background has made me realize, I hold the power and ability to make a change that will forever impact my future. The world is full of opportunities and we just have to take them. My goals motivate me to become successful and I am determined to fulfill them. Graduating from high school makes me one step closer towards going to college and realizing my goals. I plan to major in education and ultimately become an elementary teacher preferably fourth or fifth grade. My high school teachers have influenced me to go into education because like them, I want to create an impact on students that will make them become extraordinary people. By achieving these goals, I will feel content with what I have accomplished in my life and make those who have encouraged me proud. As a first generation college student, I have already made a huge positive change in my family. There is no such thing as limits and boundaries when it comes to being successful. My parents have always prioritized for me to have an education. Only with an education I will accomplish great things in life and not succumb to back breaking labor in agriculture that much of my family faces. It is not quite often people with a family background like mine make it far after high school. This makes me want to prove people wrong and make a change. It does not matter who you are or where you come from. Anyone can receive an education and become successful as long as they are dedicated and determined. With an education I know I will do great things in life and become an example for all migrant students who are like me. Growing up, I experienced a lot moving and having my parents miss out being involved in my education. As a child of migrant workers, I moved from place to place so my parents can obtain work up until I turned six when I would had to start school. The pay was not much but it was enough to support my brother and me. I often felt left out when I would hear my classmates speak of how their parents helped them with their homework. My parents did not speak English so they could not help me in no manner. My mom was always the one who encouraged me did not need help because I was smart enough. Right when I started kindergarten, my brother and I were always home before our parents. My parents would come home exhausted and worn out. They worked for 10 hours a day, five days a week as agricultural laborers to support two children in a one bedroom trailer. My parents’ work ethic and humble beginnings serve as a motivation to strive for a higher and meaningful purpose in life and to be the first one in my family to receive a graduate degree. Throughout my four years of high school, I volunteered in various events, made honor roll each semester, and was recognized in education departments. I found it very important to be involved in my community and to become familiarized with the members within it. I found it to be quite easy to always make honor roll since I was a student who always strived to do my best when it came to my grades. I was recognized for my achievement in the English, foreign language, and social studies departments. In my senior year, I earned a recognition award from the English department for achieving an A throughout all four years. Since I experienced the difficulties of growing up in a migrant family, I use my time during the summer to educate and mentor children of migrant workers. As a current student at Heritage University, I have already experienced how college works and how it is. I have to say I really enjoy being here and I am glad I chose Heritage to further my education. I am proud to say I finished my first semester of college with a 3.9 GPA. I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education through the HU-105 program. As an elementary teacher, I hope to encourage students to seek higher education and be a great example for minority students. Being the first generation college student; I want to make my family and supporters proud of what I will accomplish in life. I choose to go further in life and make something of myself. With my intended career, I will show students an education can make you successful. Without the grants and scholarships, I do not think it would have been possible for me to attend college. My parents had set a limit of $5,000 to aid me for college. I knew if I had to pay more than that amount out of pocket I would not be able to go to college as my family was having major financial issues in my senior year. When I received my award letter from Heritage, I was relieved to know I would be covered my first academic year without taking out loans. However, I know I will have to resort to takin out loans if I cannot pay my tuition with my financial aid. It’s not easy for me to tell my parents about loans because they do not like the idea of taking out huge sums of money. Receiving scholarships will provide me with contentment and security to pay for my tuition, transportation and book expenses. Scholarships will allow me to be caught up with my credits and maintain a high GPA. My parents’ background and struggles continue to motivate me to create a better life for myself. I want to use my education to serve as an example for the migrant community that it is possible to achieve a higher education. I trust the scholarship donations will provide me with the support I need to continue my education here at Heritage University.

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