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Having most of my family move from Mexico to the U.S., influenced me to grow up around agricultural work while still having to adapt to a new culture. Being born into an immigrant family that migrated back and forth from Texas to Michigan as the seasons changed, helped me work in different agricultural jobs. Working summers with families and friends, I was challenged to work with new machinery I had never thought of using. For the times that I worked from before sunrise to after sunset, I had mastered the different machinery in just a couple days. Throughout the different seasons, I worked multiple machinery alongside my family and friends to adapt to the different farm work. While growing up, I faced living with a non-English speaking family that helped me grow into a new culture. My family needed me to learn this culture so that I could help them whenever a situation occurred. My sister, who was born with a few various disabilities, required us to visit different facilities to help with her disabilities. Following up with her appointments, I was always the one who would translate between the doctors and my parents and I informed my parents about my sister disabilities and possible solutions. I am currently enrolled into WMU to major in nursing because of the struggles that I had seen my parents go through. I wish to provide a better lifestyle for my family and kids because I have lived through the hardships an immigrant family goes through when striving to reach success in a new culture.

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