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As a child, both of my parents have been dedicated field workers. At the age of 12, I also contributed my part to my family's low income and became a field worker. My summer vacations consisted of a 10-hour grape picking shift. From 5 am to 3 pm. Without my financial contribution, I and my family would simply not have enough money to support ourselves. Since day one, we've been making ends meet. But it's time for a change. I'm currently enrolled in Fresno State University and am the first person in my entire family to attend college. Fortunately for me, mathematics seems to be a natural gift of mine. I plan to exceed the expectations of my parents and strive to accomplish my goals of owning my own business.

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Patricio Simpson
February 6, 2015


RFDF Investors Fund
October 30, 2015


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January 20, 2016


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August 9, 2016


RFDF Investors Fund
January 10, 2018


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A basic introduction to the concept of inflation and how it affects cost of living. 1 Approved - Paid $125.52
Short tutorial on how to create an effective savings plan 2 Approved - Paid $256.9
Watch Khan Academy video on the topic of Raising Money for a Startup 1 Approved - Paid $135.91
Take a short course on planning for retirement 1 Approved - Paid $154.44
FDIC module on creating an effective budget 2 Approved - Paid $140.3
Take a short-course on the basics of credit cards 1 Approved - Paid $104