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I came to this country with my family in 2008. We were undocumented and we didn't have money or a place to live. Since day one we started working picking oranges. We worked the seven days of the week and also worked in the afternoon catering for special events. My father bought a car for 500 dollars. It was a very old car, the AC didn't work nor the windows but it was very useful to go to work. For a month we lived with my uncle. It was the five of us in a small room with a single bed. After my family made some money we were able to rent a small house. For the next five months we slept in the floor since we didn't have any furniture. Little by little, my family began buying some furniture along with plates, spoons, and pans to cook from yard sales. Two years later, my family and I became citizens, and we lived in better conditions. It was during my first years in High School that I began to have an interest in becoming a teacher. I had excellent teachers that always helped me become a better student. I now believe that I want to become a teacher as a form of thanking them for all their help and I hope I become a role model for others as well. Currently, I am a graduate student in the California State University of Fresno. I graduated with honors from the Arts and Humanities Department. I am also a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society. I was the president for two years of the Club Austral, a Literature Club and s Vice President of Club T.O.R.T.I.L.L.A. (Teatro Of Raza Towards Involvement in Local Latino Awareness). I am now a working as a Teaching Associate for the Spanish Department and for the Teaching Fellows Foundation. My goal is to graduate next year and pursue a Doctarate Degree in UC Davis or UC Irvine. The reason for which I am applying to Rising Farmworker Dream Fund is because I of my economic need. This past year the rent price went up 5 times. I tried looking for other places but the prices are about the same. I don't want to ask for a loan and end up in debt for the rest of my life. Investing in my future is investing in a future professor who will do anything to help other studnets succeed.

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