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My family has worked in the fields ever since i remember. A few summers ago i decided to join my father and worked along side him and many other hard working people. i was amazed the first time i went seeing so many people work so hard to get by specially through these summers were its been over one hundred degree weathers. Although these people would work day in and day out to try and get their checks as big as the can they seem to not mind the conditions they worked in most of the time. i remember not only this past summer but other summers they would work hard but at the same time make it fun and interesting so time can fly by. i always thought how can someone be working in these conditions, in heat over one hundred degrees, all covered up in long sleeves clothing, carrying heavy bags of fruit and ladders put all that to the side and actually laugh all day and have interesting conversations with one another. i found out doing this myself talking to some people while working and having very intellectual conversation with them makes the day and week go by quicker. Having experienced this more than once with different people i feel like i am a good investment because i know what they go through all year round and what it takes for most people to get by and be able to raise their families. i can relate to them and know how hard it is seeing my parents try and raise three children and two of us are in college. Knowing many others people struggling to work in the fields to try and help their children who are in colleges as much and in any possible way they can is ruff on a salary that comes from minimum wage hard labor work.

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