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Personally, I have never worked on a farm, however, both of my parents had to work in the fields entering into the United States. My mother was a young child around the age of 7 when she would work the fields, unfortunately a few years later she had to be taken off that type of work due to a heart condition that later led to heart surgery. My father himself came to the United States as a young man and worked the farmlands as well. Coming from hard working parents that never had the opportunity to attend college, being first generation to enter in to the college world, I decided although I may be married have a family (4 children to be exact), work full time, and hold a full time student status, why stop at my Bachelors, I might as well shoot for the next goal... my masters! I know that this will make my parents proud, although I may not become a millionaire doing the work that I love, I know that knowledge is power. No one can ever take your education from you. I believe that I am a good potential investment because I have shown that I can hold all of these "hats" and have kept good grades currently at 3.9 GPA, I am determined to show my children that anything is possible. One day when they all graduate high school, I plan to go into a doctoral program. I would like to tie it in to social justice. Later, the day once I retire from my day job, I hope to work for or open a non profit organization which helps young women/victims of domestic violence and/or human trafficking victims, I also wish to create a program to empower young teen mothers. I was a teen mother myself, but want to be the face of empowerment, to know that although a child may put your plans on hold, it does not mean it cannot ever happen. My motto stands: "Why reach for the sky, when there is an entire universe waiting to be discovered."

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